Is Amp Energy Safe to Consume?

Over the past few years, have gained tremendous popularity and this popularity is showing no signs of slowing down. Energy drinks are most popular among the young adults. They are formulated to provide you with the extra energy boost that you need to stay active throughout the day. However, the big question is that whether the energy drinks available in the market are safe to consume or not. is a popular energy drink and it has also come under examination with other energy drinks to ensure the safety of the ingredients present in it.

A closer look at the History of the Product

PepsiCo launched Amp energy in 2001 to compete with a popular energy drink. Initially called Mountain Dew Amp, the energy drink still contains the base flavor formula of Mountain Dew. Later in 2008, PepsiCo introduced three new flavors and several package variations of Amp Energy. At present, Amp Energy is available in wide varieties apart from the original Amp Energy. Elevate, Traction, Relaunch and Overdrive can be cited as the examples.

What are the active ingredients in Amp Energy?

Guarana– it is a common plant in Brazil. Guarana is considered an effective dietary supplement and a good energizer. The caffeine content in guarana is twice that is found in coffee beans.

Taurine– it is an amino acid which occurs naturally. It is considered that taurine helps in the proper functioning and maintenance of skeletal muscles. However, it is not proven yet.

Ginseng– it is known for its effective therapeutic properties. Ginseng has the power to revitalize the whole body.

B-vitamins– Amp Energy also contains B-vitamins, the eight water-soluble vitamins that help in cell metabolism.

Caffeine– this psychoactive stimulant drug tastes bittersweet and is equipped with the ability to make one feel energetic in a short time-period.

These are the active ingredients in Amp Energy.

Health Hazards

Although caffeine produces instant energy in the body, its excessive consumption can make one develop several serious health problems. Sleeplessness, high blood pressure levels, high blood sugar levels and cardiovascular disease are the health troubles that an individual (having too much caffeine) can suffer from. Guarana which contains caffeine about twice the amount found in coffee beans can make Amp Energy unsafe to consume.

The caffeine content in is high. Since it is a 24-ounce drink, the amount of caffeine present in it is equal to that in three cups of coffee. In addition to this, this 24-ounce energy drink contains large amount, around 93 grams of sugar. The combination of high quantities of caffeine and sugar do not indicate Amp Energy to be safe for consumption.

Another essential factor is that Amp Energy also contains legal herbal stimulants. Since thorough research and test have not been conducted to prove the effectiveness of these herbal stimulants, there is no surety whether drinking Amp Energy is devoid of any health hazards.

Is Amp Energy safe to drink? Going by the above discussion, the answer to this question will be in negative.