We may often pay attention to our daily meals to ensure that we get the right quantity of vitamins, minerals and essential supplements. However it is not always possible to measure everything we eat or to eat the right foods on a regular basis. Furthermore, hectic work schedules and lesser meal times often result in diet deficiencies. It is important to supplement these risks by regularly consuming energy drinks and health supplements of every kind.

Some of the greatest benefits one can experience after consuming energy drinks and health supplements include:

  • Better concentration levels
  • Boost of energy for the short term period
  • Promoting normal functioning of the body and related functions
  • Helping people at the workplace focus on work during late night shifts
  • Tastier option other than normal beverages and juices

Some of the most common types of energy drinks or health supplements include:

5-hour energy drinks contain a high amount of caffeine and help give the body a 5-hour energy boost as the name suggests. Most people usually prefer to rely on 5-hour energy drinks when they are at work and require a quick boost during the afternoon sessions. Employees at desk jobs often feel tired during thenoonperiod and 5-hour energy drinks can help boost their concentration levels significantly. Before consuming a 5-hour energy drink be sure that you do not consume any other source of caffeine like coffee based beverages or tea. Too much caffeine in the body can again result in grave problems later on.

The AMP energy drink is a young, popular drink that is heavily used by youngsters and college students. It comes in two flavors and has a base flavor like that of Mountain Dew. This energy drink is not meant for young children because of the high caffeine and sugar content. It contains high amounts of fructose and corn syrup and can increase blood sugar levels in the body thereby leading to an increase in energy levels for short term periods too.

Yohimbe is a relatively newer drink that offers similar benefits to other drinks in the market. It is said to be more natural than other drink because it is primarily made up of the Yohimbe extract fromWest Africa. However this drink specially stands out because it acts as a source of essential vitamins like vitamins B-12, B-6 and taurine.

Calcium and Magnesium are both very essential to the normal functioning of the body. In today’s age of fast food we often suffer from calcium and magnesium related deficiencies. These softgel supplements can help increase, strengthen and protect overall bone health thereby ensuring that your bones stay healthy in spite of rough schedules and lack of nutrition.

This is a Korean manufactured drink widely used as an energy drink across the globe. It is a drink popularly consumed with alcoholic drinks and is used by adults for various purposes. The main ingredient is Korean Ginseng from where it get its flavor and taste too.

Energy Drink Main Ingredients Manufacturer Side Effects
taurine, Glucuronolactone, caffeine Living Essentials Dizziness, heart palpitation
taurine, B-vitamins, maltodextrin PepsiCo Panic attacks, insomnia, obesity
ginseng, fructose, taurine Dong-A America Corporation Insomnia, high and low blood pressure
vitamin D3 NOW Foods Skin eruptions, muscle pain, bone pain
aristolochic acid PharmaBotanixx Neuropathy, renal diseases
yohimbine Biovea Rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, hallucinations