Accidents are such untoward incidents that however much precaution you take against it, you are never actually safe. You may suddenly be exposed to an electrical current and burn your hand. Such accidents are sudden occurrence. The little you can do to prevent such incidents is to know the causes and their prevention. This may keep you alert in the long run.

Causes of Electrical Burns:

Electrical burns

or injuries are caused by sudden contact with an electric current. The current passes through the body and may cause internal damage, which may go unnoticed. A surface damage is easily recognizable but, in most cases the intensity of the internal damage cannot be deciphered. Hence, it is always advisable to seek the help of a physician whenever you are subjected to electrical burns or injury. You may be absolutely fit and feeling fine but, you should never take a chance and ignore the plausible internal injury.

Some of the instances which cause electrical are: short circuit, children inserting their fingers in electrical sockets, lightning strikes, repairing electrical wires and plugs without switching off the power supply, bringing electrical appliance in contact with water etc. Children are more prone to such accidents are they are ignorant and do not know the consequences of their playful acts; such as putting their fingers inside electrical sockets.

Prevention of Electrical Burns:

As goes the famous saying; prevention is better than cure. True, it is and it is the least we can do to prevent such unexpected accidents.

  • First and foremost cover all electrical outlets when they are not in use.  There are child safety plugs available in the market. Make use of them if you have kids at home.
  • Secondly, for all electrical appliances, make sure you read the manual before you start using the appliance.  Never touch electrical appliance with wet hands or drop a plug-in gadgets into the water.
  • Thirdly, when repairing any electrical wire or gadget, put off the main power supply.
  • Fourthly, keep all electrical appliances and chords out of children’s reach.

Treatment of Electrical Burns:

When you are confronted with a victim of electrical burn you need to take certain precautionary measures before you initiate any treatment. Do not touch him right away. This is because the electric current may still be very much alive in his/her body and any bodily contact may pass the current onto you. You need to first turn off the source of electric current. The doctor should be called immediately or the victim should be taken to the hospital for further treatments. If the victim has stopped breathing you may need to carry out rescue breathing.  In the meantime, cover the victim with a blanket to keep the body warm. Do not use ice, ointment or any other cooling agents. You should be swift in your moves and take the necessary step at your earliest.

If it is a case of minor burns, treatment can be done at home. The burn area should be treated under cold running water. You can cover the area with a loose bandage. The bandage should be changed on and off to prevent further damage to the wound.

If the electrical burns have been caused by another person’s negligence or by some defective products, you have the right to claim justice and compensation by filing a lawsuit against those responsible. At you have expert attorneys at your service to help you in your case and give you the necessary settlement.