Pregnancy and weight-gain are always Golden Goose California Sneakers Sale linked and is a natural phenomenon. Most women gain weight after pregnancy which ultimately leads to many physical and psychological anomalies. Hence, it is important to give some extra care to the body after you give birth to a baby. Nike Air Max 90 Leather White Experts are of the opinion that all physical changes that women Short Philipp Plein Prix undergo after pregnancy is due to fluctuation in the level of various hormones in the body that are indispensable for the survival of the baby in the womb.

Are you struggling hard to lose weight after pregnancy? If yes, here are some useful tips to shed extra pounds after pregnancy

Don’t stop breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding helps shed the post pregnancy weight faster. A study on breastfeeding has proved that women with higher breastfeeding score, lose their pregnancy fat and tone up their muscles more. It is natures way of bringing a mother back to shape.

Say no to crash diet and junk foods:

It is one of the major reasons behind reduction in breast milk and its quality. Start adding nutritious diet in your daily routine and don’t forget to consult an expert nutritionist or physician before starting it.

Include yoga and exercise in your daily routine:

Yoga and aerobics are ideal exercises to shed the post pregnancy weight, but before starting any exercise, you need to consult your gynecologist. Women who delivered a baby by C-section should start exercise after 6 months of the delivery and under the proper guidance of a gynecologist.

Go for weekly body-massage:

Massage has always been considered as a complete and wonderful exercise. It opens up all the tiny pores of the body and improves the blood circulation Nike Free 5.0 V2 Amazon process in the body. Hence women should go for complete massage to spa or some massage center. Massaging body with herbal oil and warm water bath helps to balance hormonal level of the body and strengthen the muscles.

Avoid :

Living a happy life keeps you away from Nike Roshe Ld-1000 Qs stress and helps control the release of stress hormones which can cause binge eating disorder (episodes of uncontrollable eating). Happiness helps you get rid of many physical and psychological anomalies that you suffer due to stress.

Some other tips to lose weight after pregnancy include:

  • Avoid eating fast food items, sweets and processed food.
  • Encourage yourself to eat green vegetables, juices and green salads.
  • Your diet should incorporate food that is nutritious, rich and low in calories like fish and sprouts.
  • Spices like pepper, long pepper, turmeric and ginger should be added to a new mother’s diet as it Parajumpers Hae Soldes prevents fat accumulation and regulates the digestive system.
  • Take a glass of skimmed milk daily.



  • Avoid starting any exercise right after the delivery. Your body needs at least 12 weeks complete rest to recover from delivery and pregnancy.
  • Never ever try to quickly post pregnancy. It is advised to shape up slowly without affecting your health. It is safe to lose up to 2 pounds in a week.