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People the world over suffer from various kinds of addictions. Mental weakness is usually the sole reason that leads to addictions of several kinds. When psychologists treat patients who suffer from various forms of addictions they often observe that the majority of them get into the habit because of lifestyle or circumstantial incidents.

Several kinds of addictions can affect people at any point of time. An addiction for any food, drug or medication develops over a period of time. It is important for peers, friends or associates to report a potential addiction in a victim before it becomes too serious. In most cases however family members or close friends do not recognize the signs and symptoms of a developing addiction.

The typical symptoms of an addiction of any kind involve:

  • -Sudden mood changes if the person is not able to access the substance
  • -Extreme happiness and calm when they do access the substance
  • -Withdrawal symptoms if kept away from the substance for too long
  • -Uncertainty in behavior if the person cannot access the substance
  • -Difficulty controlling self and expenses unless the substance is present

The most common kinds of addictions include drug addictions and dependency on a variety of narcotic drugs or addiction and abuse of prescription drugs. Both types of addictions are fairly common among the young and old. However, narcotic drug abuse is more common among teenagers and young adults especially those going through tough times in their life.

There is no sole reason for addiction to prescription drugs. In most cases patients on certain kinds of pain killers, sedative medication or mood influencing medication may get addicted to prescription medicine because it helps them feel better. However, if the patients are given the medicines under strict medical supervision then the effect or potential of an addiction can be controlled to a large extent.

Another major social problem suffered by millions of people worldwide is alcoholism which is an addiction to any kind of alcoholic drink. While certain amounts of alcohol can actually help maintain health or heal some types of diseases or infections, the consumption of excess alcohol can lead to several health problems and in some cases turn fatal.

Alcohol dependency or alcoholism is similar to addictions of other kinds. Alcoholics often suffer from social pressures and problems and turn to drinks to find solace elsewhere. However, not all alcoholics turn to alcohol for this reason. Sometimes, excess drinking develops into a habit and the body craves for more making it difficult for the person to control his urges to drink.

In most cases people who suffer from addictions of all kinds, be it drug addictions, prescription medicine addiction or alcohol need to be rehabilitated. It takes special care of trained professionals at rehab centers to gradually help a person deal with his substance addiction.

All kinds of addictions can be treated with patience and care. However in order to avoid relapse it is important for addicts to be monitored regularly even after their course of treatment. Learn more about addictions and alcoholism with the links below.

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