While addressing American Academy of Family Physician’s 2012 convention Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the well-known personalities in the field of American medicine received huge applause from members, participants and attendees when he called-up for a total ban on the advertisement of medical products and sugary drinks. While addressing the convention he said there is a need for an efficient and robust health care system in the country rather than having a disease management system. While condemning the prevailing medical facility and system in the region of Philadelphia he stressed for a collective effort to get the state rid of this mentality.

70 years old, Dr. Weil a Philadelphia-born and Harvard-trained medical officer, achieved several milestones in an attempt to revolutionize prevailing health care system of Philadelphia and in the overall USA. The man is well known for his advocacy of holistic and integrated medicinal system that could treat people not only for the time being but also permanently. He is of the opinion that this is the only way to offer a health care system in the United States failing which will reduce the system to a disease management system. While referring to a holistic and integrated system he means mix of conventional medicine, natural remedies, yoga and novel concepts like regular exercise and healthy eating.

The 70 years old professor however developed a strong faith in traditional medicine and naturopathy. He was born and brought up in West Oak Lane and attended Central High School before getting a bachelor’s degree and a medical degree from Harvard. Currently he is a professor at the University of Arizona and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. To spread his voice Weil usually speaks to the common people on Sunday at health and wellness fair at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown.

The reformer has warned that the United States might soon see and experience an endemic of obesity and no doubt sugary drinks like sodas are contributing a lot to this menace.

He said while addressing the convention that we can’t ignore this obesity endemic as it is growing by leaps and bounds. And if it continues it will definitely lead to cardiovascular disease and other complications. Weil speaks heavily on various medical schools about their approach to teach only about synthetically prepared drugs and devices. However they are completely neglecting low-tech teaching techniques like healthy eating habit, timely eating habit, taking nutritional food items like fruits, green vegetables and sprouted beans.

After speaking heavily on Soda, Weil also urged politicians and bureaucracy to offer subsidies on fruits and vegetables rather than Corn and Soybean. Both these commodities are subsidized and create a favorable atmosphere for the marketing these sugary products that are of no health value.