Actavis recalls Digitek after the drug caused irreversible damage to the lives of many

Digitek, manufactured by Actavis Totowa contains digoxin, which is used in the manufacturing of various other heart medications. When used in improper concentrations, digoxin can cause several health complications among patients, which can even prove fatal. As a result of the many cases filed against drugs that were manufactured against the safety norms and contained twice the normal strength, the makers ordered a complete recall of the same from the U.S. drug industry. Just some law cases that helped more of such patients from becoming victims are mentioned here in brief to know what damage Digitek has done to the wellbeing and lives of many out there…

News article:

Although two press releases saying that the improper manufacturing of Digitek caused fatal complications among patients were published on April 25th, and then April 28th 2008, but even after a week, that is on May 5th there were no official announcements regarding this. The news was not confirmed, both by the manufacturers, Actavis Totowa or FDA.

Another article:

Another article published on 25th April 2008 said that Actavis Totowa, makers of Digitek, have ordered recall for all lots of this drug under Bertek and UDL labs as a precaution to save public from facing any health complications.

This class 1 nationwide recall for Digitek was ordered keeping the possibility of tablets which contained double the apt amount of active ingredient in mind. The commercial release of such tablets was a shocking reality that needed action immediately as people who administered the same faced digitalis toxicity and even experienced death as an after effect of the drug.

An article:

Another article stating “Recall of heart drug worries Bakersfield family” got published on May 1st 2008. This was explaining that even after many articles were being published, FDA was still learning about the manufacturing defects that caused the drug recall. Unaware about the actual statistics, the spokesperson herself said that FDA is still working on the part since the time it noticed the error from the manufacturers end.

A report:

As per a report on August 13th 2008, all the Digitek MDL or Multidistrict Litigation cases were assigned to the Southern District of West Virginia. Under this petition all the pending Digitek cases by plaintiffs were centralized under one system before judge Goodwin.

Another shocking report:

Stating that recalled Digitek tablets caused death was published on the 28th of August 2008. Digitek containing digoxin obtained from the refined plant extract of digitalis plant belongs to the class of purified cardiac glycosides. The drug is prescribed among patients for treating congestive heart failure and irregular heart rhythms. Although natural, but still consumption of digoxin in more than prescribed amounts can cause several complications. The condition called digoxin toxicity, a result of digoxin overdose can cause several health complications including death. In 2008, many of such tablets which were being sold to the public were recalled immediately.

Unfortunately many of such defected tablets fell into the hands of patients that made them extremely ill and even caused death without the patients being responsible.

After the truth about the manufacturing defect in Digitek got public, many people filed cases against the makers to get compensated for the loss consumption of such defected pills had caused to their lives. Many of such cases still in the court of law are under trial to get people the justice.