Digitek: the harmful effects significantly overshadow the beneficial factors

Digitek, a digoxin containing drug is sold under a number of brand names in the U.S. Most popular among these are Lanoxicaps and Lanoxin. Sold as round, yellow tablets these are administered orally and are supplied in 125 mcg or 250 mcg dosage. Belonging to the class of pure cardiac glycosides, the core medical use of Digitek illustrates its use in treating congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation. Atria are the upper chambers of the heart and atrial fibrillation is the condition marked by a rhythmic disorder in the same. Manufactured by Actavis Totowa in the U.S., the manufacturing unit of Digitek is centered in New Jersey. The tablets are sold in packs of 100, 1000 or 5000 tablets in a bottle pack, which patients can buy as recommended.

Digitek: how it works?

Digitek works by altering levels of sodium and potassium present in the cardiac cells. This drug strengthens the force of heartbeat by increasing calcium content. Calcium thus binds more strongly with the cells and leads to stronger heartbeat. This helps in reducing strain on the heart and thus maintains a normal, strong and steady heartbeat among patients. Digoxin the major component in Digitek is obtained from the leaves of digitalis plant or foxglove plant. The drug also helps the heart in beating with a more regular rhythm.

Digitek: some drug facts

Digoxin as a heart medication has been known to be used since 18th century. The drug is sold by a number of manufacturers among many brand names. Digitek distributed by Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. is sold under Bertek and UDL label. Prescribed primarily for treating abnormal heart rhythms and heart failure, the life threatening side effects this has caused among patients administering the same has lead to a severe downfall in its popularity. In United States the drug, Digitek has been completely recalled, but for places where its sale is still continuing some unique drug facts about Digitek are as follows:

  • Like any other medication, the dosage of Digitek is judged by severity of the condition, body weight, age and the sensitivity to particular chemicals constituting the drugs.
  • Digitek should be stored at room temperature and away from direct heat and light.
  • Digitek should always be taken with a glass full of water and as much as possible on the same time every day.
  • Digitek is known to show drug-drug interaction with a total of 581 drugs, out of which 9 are categorized as major, 373 as moderate and 199 as minor interactions.
  • Also, there are 11 disease interactions known to be seen among patients administered Digitek.
  • Patients taking Digitek should avoid becoming dehydrated or overheated as this can very easily lead to digoxin overdose.
  • One major food interaction with Digitek is its interaction with high-fiber. A high fiber diet can easily decrease the bioavailability of this drug by an alarming 20%, so a significant fluctuation in fiber level is advised among such patients.

Who should avoid Digitek?

  • Patients who are allergic to any component in its composition
  • Patients who are currently administering sucralfate
  • Also, patients suffering from heart rhythm problems like ventricular fibrillation should stay away from Digitek.

Before starting Digitek:

Before taking Digitek, a person should discuss about the following medical conditions with their healthcare expert to avoid from facing any risk or complications.

  • Women who are pregnant or are soon planning to become pregnant or even nursing mothers
  • Complete information about the medical history and any medication being taken, even if herbal ones
  • Any allergies to medicines or even foods
  • If a person is suffering from severe heart ailments
  • If suffering from any other health complication related with lung, kidney or liver
  • If a person has high levels of calcium or potassium in the blood or low levels of potassium, magnesium or calcium
  • If any person has suffered from a heart attack recently

A piece of advice:

Just like a coin has two sides, Digitek too comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, making the healthcare expert completely aware about the medical condition and lifestyle is significant to help them in analyzing, whether the said drug would be beneficial or harmful in the patient under concern.

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