A slight manufacturing defect takes lives of many innocent victims

Digitek, generic for digoxin obtained from digitalis plant is prescribed among patients suffering from mild-to-moderate congestive heart failure. Also, patients with abnormal heart rhythm are advised Digitek that helps in controlling the heart rate and in relieving angina marked with a severe, intolerable pain in chest. The makers Actavis Totowa based in New Jersey since the release of Digitek in 1992 have reported several cases of digoxin poisoning, which the drugmaker attributed to improper manufacturing defects. Whatever the reason may have been behind the complications, but patients who suffered the loss were at a very high risk of death. The government to help all such patients get justice have initiated various lawsuits to save more of such patients from turning into innocent victims, just some of these law cases are as follows…

A report:

Published on the 30th of June 2008, this was after the drug Digitek was recalled in April 2008. The drugmakers, Actavis Totowa gave the reason as a manufacturing defect that lead to the development of side effects among patients. Out of the many side effects death was the most known, which was seen among many patients administering Digitek that occurred due to digoxin overdose. Digoxin is a major component used in the manufacturing of Digitek. This press release was by U.S. Drug Watchdog who released this to converse with patients who were the possible victims of Digitek administration.

A report:

As per a report on April 25th 2008, the manufacturers recalled Digitek due to the possibility that said that tablets were twice as thicker as compared to the usual thickness, which was a manufacturing defect. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA said that the recall was not just due to this but was an aftereffect of the many health complications Digitek consumption induced among patients.

The double strength of Digitek was very dangerous as it caused irreversible damage to the health and wellbeing of many. From renal failure to cardiac instability and slow heartbeat, the complications patients developed after its intake were life altering and even fatal. Death was the most common side effect that was witnessed after digitalis toxicity that can easily occur from Digitek overdose.

A report:

A report by MedWatch Safety published on April 28th 2008 said that a patient who took the defective Digitek pills suffered from digitalis toxicity and experienced fatal complications. The person suddenly stopped the medicine and noticed even severe effects that caused irreversible damage to his health.

The damage Digitek’s faulty manufacturing did to the lives of many is simply shocking. The most severe complication that such patients noticed was digitalis toxicity that can even lead to death. Many such people who have suffered such Digitek injury and have seen their loved ones experience such damage now have the hope called law to get justice for the wrongdoing of others, which they may have paid as an irreversible damage to the wellbeing or even life of their loved ones.