Digitek: the culprit that worsened the lives of many innocent people who thought the drug to be a life saver

A nationwide recall of Digitek that was announced on the 25th of April 2008 raised many questions on its authenticity and above all the legitimacy and safety measures practiced by the drug manufacturers. After doing an irreversible damage to the health of many, which were primarily related to complications in the form of heart ailments, Digitek’s sale was finally put to an end. There were many cases filed from all over the country by innocent victims who suffered these losses themselves or through someone close. Just few of such law cases that can throw light on the bad effects of Digitek among patients who were actually taking it for good are as follows…

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A report stating that the MDL (Multi District Litigation), Court Judge Goodwin has issued a litigation stay in August 2010 against Digitek lawsuit which was filed on August 12th 2010. The report said that the U.S. District court judge, Joseph Goodwin stated that all the scheduled hearings under the MDL were on stay till the 26th of October 2010.

The complete ramifications of the trial that occurred on the said dates are still not released but the case was a rather disappointing one. There were more than 850 lawsuits already filed against Digitek when the order was issued. Earlier in 2009, Goodwin ordered trial on the five selected cases that were called the “Bellwether” or “test cases” filed under Digitek MDL.

Currently the final verdict of the cases filed under this petition is unclear and are not revealed to the public as yet.

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As per a report published on the official website of a reputed law-firm, there were many questions raised as to why the drug Digitek was recalled all of a sudden, although it successfully earned the popularity of being a heart medicine that relieved people from many symptoms. This report published at AnapolSchwartz stated that the inappropriate dosage in the tablets that was reported as twice of the safe amount was the reason. Patients who were taking the double dose were at a very high risk of developing complications many of which were even fatal.

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Another report threw light as to why Actavis ordered a recall for Digitek. The reason quoted was the double thickness of the tablets that was a result of manufacturing defects. It was also mentioned that the tablets packed twice the approved amount of the active ingredient, digoxin which is severely life threatening.

A report:

Another report stated that just a week after the manufacturing defect in Digitek came to light, the recall still was a sketchy attempt by the manufacturers- the real truth was still not clear.

Another report by FDA:

FDA in another report stated that how many Digitek pills that contained double dose of the active ingredient were actually released commercially has still not been calculated. The pills which were a result of manufacturing mistake were actually sold in the U.S. and were manufactured at New Jersey plant of Actavis.

As per a report published on May 2nd 2008, the facts that lead to the recall of Digitek in April 2008 were still vague. The pills that were known to cause severe complications among patients administering the same saw its life threatening complications not over a long period, but just after a span of few days. Seeing a halo or yellow aura was the very first symptom which this report stated was seen among patients who suffered the toxicity of Digitek (digoxin).

A slight manufacturing defect at the New Jersey plant that lead to the defective manufacturing of Digitek pills may have been a small mistake for the makers, but in reality the damage this caused to the public is shocking. Many who consumed such defective pills have experienced irreversible health complications and even effects that were fatal. Death was also an after effect of digoxin toxicity, which was reported in many such patients. People who trusted this as a life saving drug actually experienced just the opposite and lost their lives to this drug. Law helping all such innocent victims get justice, has initiated many lawsuits and petition for people who have suffered the Digitek injury.