Some cases where the jury verdicts for Digitek mishap got released in public

Digitek the brand name for Digoxin, is manufactured by Actavis Totowa in the New Jersey plant located in the U.S. Prescribed for improving the efficiency and strength of heart, consuming this can result in better blood circulation and reduction in uncomfortable swelling. Thus, causing relief from symptoms, which are more prevalent among patients of congestive heart failure. Digoxin also leads to stronger and regular heartbeat among people.

Sold as a popular heart medication, in 2008 there were many cases filed against Digitek for causing irreversible health complications among patients, many of such cases even stated death of the patients administering Digitek. FDA as an aftereffect of such lawsuits ordered thorough clarification from the drug manufacturers. What then came to notice was a truth that was no less than a shock! A manufacturing defect in Digitek pills that caused double the thickness of manufactured tablets was the reason. These defected tablets contained digoxin in twice the prescribed amount; all such severe complications were thus touted to be a result of digitalis toxicity.

Some such cases where jury verdict have already been declared included:

Dated December 7th 2010, the article stated that Actavis will pay $12 million as a settlement for Digitek Damage. This stated that Actavis, the maker of this generic drug Digitek should pay $12 million as a settlement due to the failure to warn consumers against the defective manufacturing of the tablets.

This settlement aimed at resolving more than 300 cases filed against Digitek. As an attempt to mislead consumers, Digitek which aimed at treating abnormal heart rhythms and heart failure in reality did something just opposite. The settlement aimed at paying a compensation of $4000 to each victim of such defective drug. The manufacturer may have recalled the drug in 2008, but still many patients unfortunately consumed the same and faced complications that were fatal.

Another case study published on 15th January 2009 stated how the whole recall of Digitek was handled by Actavis. Classified as the largest class 1 drug recall, this tablet affected more than 1 million patients who suffered from heart ailments. The FDA to rectify this ordered the company to release public notifications warning all against its potential harm.

The series of events that clearly demonstrates how FDA and the drug makers handled Digitek recall are as follows:

Actavis in April 2008 announced a class 1 recall of Digitek.

The manufacturers stating that they were totally unaware about the fact that the defective drugs have actually entered commercial distribution ordered an immediate recall of 1 billion tablets and also closed its plant until any further notice.

Neither the manufacturers nor FDA were aware as to how many tablets actually reached consumers and even how many were recalled. The company couldn’t answer when asked that in reality how many such defective tablets were manufactured in the first place.

As per the final verdict there were no indications that were the defective pills totally destroyed or are samples of it still available for future testing.

The exact figure as to how many people actually died or suffered severe complications due to Digitek consumption is still vague.

Another law article stated that Digitek litigation was resolved through private settlement agreement that included all MDL as well as tolled cases. Reported on September 2nd 2010, the settlement aimed at cases only which were filed on or before September 1st 2010. A fair resolution that put an end to this two-year long litigation was believed to be the final verdict.

The actual jury verdict that was under Judge Joseph Goodwin is still unreleased, but people still in the hope of getting something fruitful are awaiting the jury verdicts.