To remain healthy one must eat good food and maintain a healthy diet.

Our body needs five different types of nutrients and water for sustenance. Nutrients are essential chemicals that are used in the formation of our body parts, in their functioning and in different metabolic processes. Unless the food has all the nutrients and in quantities that are required, people are prone to develop health related problems, diseases and disorders.

The five nutrients we mentioned include Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Minerals and . Water is also one of the essential requirements for human sustenance. In fact people can not survive for a week’s time without water, whereas without food, body can survive for 2-8 weeks.

Diet comprises of different foods that we eat on regular basis. Diet is very important to keep away many chronic diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. There is a long list of disorders and diseases whose risks increase manifolds with inappropriate diet.

Good diet is also responsible to keep a person active, in good health and shape. Furthermore, researches have proved that diet and lifestyle also affects the physical appearance of humans. People who eat junk food and improper diets often become dull and inactive over a period of time. Not only this, skin problems; hair problems, losing teeth, vision defects are some other problems that can develop due to consumption of inappropriate foods and diet.

Diet Tips

Diet Tips