is one of the most important organs of human body. Heart cancer can be defined as a tumor which may develop in a human body due to creation of malignant cells in the heart. Though is very rarely found among the human beings but once initiated it grows very rapidly through the human body leaving not much time for recovery. So it become highly imperative that it should be detected in a very early stage if one wants to cure it from the rootDiagnosis of heart cancer at an early stage can give your cardiac specialist sufficient time to help you recover from the disease. Generally there are two type of Heart cancer found in a human body:-

  •  Primary heart cancer
  •  Secondary heart cancer

Diagnosis of heart cancer

can be performed by simple blood tests, MRI or CT scans. Some cardiac specialists may also advice some special kind of tests like Cardiac Catheterization, myocardial biopsy, Pericardiocentisisor simple stress test of your body.


In this type of diagnosis, a narrow tube with contrast dye in inserted in one of your veins in leg or arm and it is taken up till you heart.  X- Rays are taken of the tumor with the help of this tube and then examined to check for the extent of cancer through the body

Myocardial biopsy

In this procedure a piece of heart is taken out with the aid of special kind of catheter and that piece is examined thoroughly under a microscope to locate the tumor.


It is one of the accurate procedures of diagnosis where a needle is inserted in the human heart and a fluid from the tumor is taken out. This fluid gives an idea of the extent of the tumor


In this test, the capability of the heart to face stress is judged to analyze the severity of heart cancer.