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Drospirenone or Dihydrospirorenone is sold under the brand-names of Yaz or Yasmin. Yaz or Yasmin are the combination products of Drospirenone and ethinylestradiol. These pills are some of the well known birth control or contraceptive pills. But a number of surveys have reported women facing different problems after consuming .

Before getting in the topic we should discuss some common facts of these medicines. From the combination products one can surely understand that Yaz or Yasmin, may sound different but there is no difference in their activation. Some women have found problems with Yaz, some with Yasmin. The survey reports or the lawsuits have sited at some other problems.

According to all those reports, Yaz or Yasmin, can cause serious health problems among young women. The reports have shown that the women consume these drugs may suffer from intent internal injuries due to drug side effects. These drugs can cause blood clots or a sudden increase of blood potassium level.

Doctors have cited that Drospirenone caused the major amount of damages so far for the patients who have consumed Yaz or Yasmin. This drug also causes serious heart problems.

The lawsuit advisors who deal cases against Berlex, the company that launched the Yaz pills for women, believe that misleading advertisements by the companies have made more damages. The company ignored the side effects in their advertisements during the time they launched the product. Reports sited that after being warned by in 2003, Berlex began running a USD 20 million ad campaign to correct the misrepresentations about Yaz safety.

Women, who have suffered from fatal side effects after consuming Yaz or Yasmin, can sue the manufacturing companies. ‘Bloomberg Businessweek’ news has recently published that the Yasmin lawsuits over its blood clot claims have increased over more than 400 million USD when the same on Yaz has crossed the border of 600 million USD.

Let us look at the potential problems after consuming these pills. Any patient who has suffered from these problems can ask for compensation or slap a lawsuit against the company.

  • Deep vein thrombosis. If it is not treated in time, the result may turn fatal.
  • Pulmonary Embolism.
  • Disease.
  • Cerebrovascular Accidents.
  • Myocardial Infections.
  • Sudden Death.

There are some facts that a Jury may consider for awarding a case of damages by Yaz or Yasmin:

  • Duration and the extent of the injury suffered. The Jury would verify the claims.
  • How much the pills have affected one’s mental health and the physical, is a delicate fact to get awarded with compensation.
  • The amount or extent of disfigurement or scarring, like having an operation to fix blood clots or gallbladder problems.
  • The amount of any past or future medical expenses caused by these pills.
  • Loss of wages or loss of earning capacities after consuming these pills is a fact to be considered by the Jury for the compensation.