Daliresp is an anti-inflammatory drug manufactured by Forest Pharmaceuticals. It contains roflumilast as its main active ingredient. It is used to treat inflammation of lungs, which leads to COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is used to prevent chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in people with severe COPD and chronic bronchitis. But it is not used for already started bronchospasm attack.

Daliresp is prescribed as a single dose daily. But patients should stick to the dosages and duration recommended by the doctor. Its overdose could be fatal. Overdose symptoms are fast or pounding heartbeats, cold or clammy skin or feeling of passing out. Patients allergic to roflumilast should not use this drug.

Patients should consult their doctor about their allergies, medical history and any medication in use including prescription, over-the-counter, vitamin, and herbal products. It may worsen certain medical conditions such as liver disease, a history of depression, mental illness, or suicidal thoughts or actions. Patients should consult their doctor before using this drug if they have any of these medical conditions. Patients should not start any medicine without consulting the doctor.

Some patients may experience unusual thoughts or behavior, or thoughts about suicide, while using this drug. Patients should consult their doctor if they experience any new or worsening depression, or suicidal thoughts. Patients should be taken care of by doctor and other caregivers, while using Daliresp.

It is an FDA approved pregnancy category C medicine. It harmful effects on unborn baby are not known yet. Thus patients, who are pregnant, suspecting pregnancy or planning to be pregnant, should consult their doctor before using this medicine. A doctor can prescribe this medicine after evaluating its pros and cons to the patient. Patients should not breast-feed while using Daliresp. This medicine should not be given to patients below age of 18 without consulting a doctor.

Use of this medicine could produce allergic reactions such as hives, difficult breathing, swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat. Its use could also result in mood or behavior changes, anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, impulsiveness, thoughts about suicide or hurting oneself. It could also cause rapid weight loss. Other serious side effects include      tremors, pain or burning while urinating, nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, dizziness, running or stuffy nose, back pain and flu like symptoms.