Level of severity has been always a point of major concern in burn injuries. At the same time, it is also very important to understand that the initial 48 hours are very critical for the burn victims. Depending upon the severity, proper treatment should be given within 48 hours to avoid worsening of the injury. During the initial 48 hours, there is great risk of heavy loss of fluid, infections and complications. When there is excessive loss of fluid, protein and sodium chloride flow to the burn affected area and cause blistering, swelling, low blood pressure and low urine output also. This is the time when victim requires a medical professional who can prevent fluid loss or infections. The doctor will treat the burn victim by giving fluids, pain medication, electrolytes and tetanus vaccination.

There are numerous factors which determine how severe burn injury the victim has received. These factors depend on the location and type and depth of the injury and the victim’s size and age. Generally there is minimal damage to the tissues in minor burn injuries as only the outer layer of the skin is affected. These minor burn injuries cause pain, swelling and redness and the victim can be cured by first-aid. While in some burn cases, both epidermis and dermis the outer and inner layers of the skin are affected and cause swelling, blisters, pain and redness. The hair follicles and sweat glands are also affected by these injuries.

Sometimes, in case of major burn injuries, it becomes very important to check if the victim is breathing properly and making sure the breathing system is all right. The injury should be covered properly with sterile bandages and consult a medical professional immediately to prevent infection.

In case of prognosis large area of the body is burnt and the victim has lesser chances of survival. Prognosis victims require all the specialized treatment such as intravenous fluid treatment, surgical debridement (removal of dead tissue), contracture (where the burnt skin and body tissue become very difficult to move), skin grafting and a specialized burn treatment intensive care unit.

There is another type of serious burn injury called inhalation caused when victims are exposed to smoke. It can be dangerous when the victims inhale a lot of smoke and breathe in hot flames. This type of injury problem can put the victims into permanent brain damage and can cause them lapse into a coma.