In a latest development in the field of drug litigation and medical lawsuit the United States’ District Court for the District of Minnesota denies plaintiff’s request to initiate new trial and allocate fresh jury for Levaquin trial. In the request made by the plaintiff Clifford Straka it was said that since one of the jury members in the panel had a conflict of interest and hence there is every possibility that the judgment is biased and partial. In an attempt to rule out any such possibility the plaintiff had sought a fresh trial and new jury members to be appointed for the sake of an unbiased and impartial judgment.

However, the Judge John R. Tunheim denied the charges out rightly and said though the plaintiff had revealed a tie between one of the jurors and the defendant still there is not enough evidence that could prove that the tie could influence the verdict. And hence her request to dissolve the existing panel and include a new jury is dismissed.

The trial is continuing in the Multidistrict Litigation Court in the District of Minnesota and the plaintiff in the case claimed that she had suffered serious tendon injuries after having used the antibiotic drug Levaquin. In her lawsuit it was reported that the drug Levaquin has some serious side effects associated with it and that these side effects could include tendon rupture in the leg and shoulder. With this the plaintiff had claimed that the manufacturer of the drug had not warned patients and doctors adequately about the side effects and are liable to be prosecuted. Her personal injury lawyer had framed the charges of negligence, failing to inform patients and sought for punitive and compensatory damages.

Conjectures are being made that there could be a tentative settlement between both the parties and that if the agreement stands, thousands of plaintiffs will receive compensation for Levaquin injuries.

What is Levaquin?

Levaquin is an anti-biotic drug being widely used to treat bacterial infections of the various organs of the body like kidney, bladder, prostate or sinuses. The drug is included in a specific group of antibiotics called as fluoroquinolones. Asides, it is also used to treat conditions like pneumonia or bronchitis. The medicine is also prescribed to those who are exposed to plague and Anthrax.

Some of the Side effects of Levaquin are:

  • Pounding heartbeats, pain in the chest
  • Fainting and dizziness
  • Tenderness, swelling, stiffness or loss of movements in joints.
  • Bloody and watery diarrhea
  • Hallucination, depression and confusion
  • Headache and vision related problems

However, we will have to wait and watch for the final happening that will determine the fate of the case. Hopefully the verdict will let the truth prevail and will help avoid repetition of such medication injuries.