Migraine is a very common chronic headache that occurs with various symptoms. It can cause very severe to moderate headaches with symptoms of nausea, sensitivity to light, and blurred vision. The world is becoming more and more competitive and to keep pace with the changing environment it’s important to move fast. However, all our activities are governed by the brain which thinks, manipulates and acts according to the need. The brain has to put a huge amount of effort and energy to get the work done properly. Although it is important for the survival of human, however, at the same time people need to understand that the degree of competition and modern lifestyle push humans to a whirlpool of work and stress. The case is even more worsened by synthetic and crash diet.

All these create a condition that is favorable for migraine headaches to spring up. Not only does it give a lot of pain and suffering to people it even slows down our daily routine and halts all our work and productivity.

Some tips that may help people reduce the intensity of migraine and/ or avoid the pain.

Take complete sleep:

Sleep is important to maintain a healthy body. Experts suggest that at-least 8 hours of sleep is essential to keep the body functioning properly. They are of the opinion that inadequate sleep is one of the major reasons for Migraine. People who used to experience migraine pain on a regular basis need to take adequate and complete sleep as it could help them avoid migraine or at-least reduce the intensity of the pain.

Do regular exercises: Besides sleep another major cause of Migraine is lack of proper blood circulation. And the best way to make your blood circulation efficient is by doing regular exercise. Regular exercise not only helps you keep your blood circulatory system efficient but also tone-up your muscles and give them enough strength to tolerate pain like migraine.

Take plenty of water:

Water is important for body. Lack of water leads to many body complications including Migraine hence it is important for people to take adequate amount of water. Water is not only important for our survival rather it also flushes-out free radicals and unwanted materials of the body that refreshes our body and keep it healthy.

Do stress busting activities regularly:

Stress is another major cause of migraine. However there are many stress busting activities available that people can do to minimize stress like Yoga, breathing exercises and meditation. These activities help people maintain a balance between their body and mind.

Check acidity and irritable bowel syndrome:

Acidity or gastric irritation can trigger migraine. Hence avoid foods which cause acidity like spicy foods, junk foods, and soft drinks. Instead people should take organic and natural foods like sprouted grains, seasonal fruits and vegetables so that their stomach remains healthy.

Some other tips that will help people control migraine attacks.

  • People need to avoid direct and prolonged exposure to extreme and harsh weather conditions.
  • Put-on a hat or cap when you have to walk in hot sun.
  • Avoid consuming chilled and cold drinks like cold water and beverages
  • Avoid foods like ice creams, banana, chocolates and soft drinks.