Construction accidents and burn injuries are the most common types of mishap that takes place in this world of frenzied environment. Sometimes the many safety measures we take fail to prevent us from falling prey to such accidents. Accidents are sudden incidents and we do not know that we may be into one the very next second.

A construction site is a hub of activities with numerous workers and numerous machines working simultaneously and in co-relation with one another. Construction sites are very prone to accidents. Unfortunately the companies do not take adequate measures to practice strict safety guidelines for these workers. Working under such an environment for days and days with compromised safety measures is sure to make one susceptible to accidents.

Common Types of Construction Accidents:

Some of the most common type of construction accidents is listed below:

  • Falls from height/roof/ladder:
  • Electric shock injury
  • Crane accidents
  • Welding accidents
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Electrocutions
  • Fires and explosions
  • Compressed Gases accidents
  • Defective tools, machinery, boilers, forklifts, tractors, backhoes etc

If you are a victim of construction accidents caused by any of the above incidents you can file a charge of damage and get the required compensation. It is advisable to seek the help of a specialist in this case.

are also quite common and they too can take place anytime and anywhere. Even within the premises of our own home burn injuries can take place. They are the most traumatized of all the accidents that can happen to an individual.

Types of Burn Injuries:

Some of the common types of burn injuries are:

  • Thermal Burn Injuries:

    Occurs when in contact with fire, hot objects, hot food, hot water, steam, hot metals, defective machinery etc. Fire is perhaps the most frequent and the most hazardous of all accidents. Degree of burns may vary depending on the length of time the person has been subjected to the heat. There may be scalding injury or even deep skin injury.

  • :

    Chemical burns are caused when certain chemical substances like acids, sulfuric acid, alkaloids and other caustic substance are bought in contact with the skin. Even cosmetic products like hair dye, shampoo, conditioner and nail polish remover may cause chemical burns.

  • :

    When electric current of low or high voltage passes through the skin it may cause severe injuries. Electric burns may be caused by defective machinery and even by lightning.

  • Other Burn Injuries:

    Some of the other causes of burn injuries are cold, radiation, radiation therapy for cancer, ultra-violet rays, tanning etc.

Burn Injury may cause:

  • First Degree Burn:

    Usually the injury in a first degree burn is not that severe and can be easily treated at home.

  • Second Degree Burn:

    A partial second degree burn can be easily treated at home; however, a severe second degree burn may need medical attention.

  • Third Degree Burn/Fourth Degree Burn:

     For a third and fourth degree burn, immediate medical attention is a must.

If you or any of your loved ones have been subjected to burn injuries or any construction accidents, you can seek compensation through the help of an expert attorney. At you will find some who will be ready to take your case and fight for you till the desired result is attained.