Corrosive substance which when bought in contact with the skin can cause havoc. We cannot fathom the injury done by these chemical substances as they can be deceptive hence; it is advisable to stay away from them as far as possible. However, accidents are an unexpected phenomenon and we know it is not possible to completely stay away from them in our day to day lives. Chemical can happen at home through mishandling of products, in school or college laboratory, or in any manufacturing firm.

Causes of Chemical Burns:

Most of the chemical burns are caused by strong acids, bases, solvents etc. While at home, they may take place from such household products as; bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, metal cleaners etc. Misuse of shampoos, conditioners or nail products can also turn out to be hazardous. All products with chemical substance should be kept away from reach of children and away from our way. Accidental split is common at homes and hence, care should be taken to avoid them. Children are more susceptible to accidents, therefore; such chemical substance should be stored away in separate rooms.

Effects of Chemical Burns:

Chemical burns may cause itching, pain or a burning sensation. It may darken and redden the area affected and might also cause breathing problem etc. The corrosive substance may also disseminate in the skin and cause internal damage to tissues. Initially this internal injury may not be apparent on the outer surface of the skin. The reaction may start taking place even hours after the contact. Hence; a medical probe into the matter is always necessary however small the injury may appear to you. The intensity and degree of the burn depends on the chemical substance and the length of time of the exposure.

Chemical burns are caused not only through direct contact; it is also affected when inhaled or ingested. And in severe cases chemical burns may also cause coughing problem, faintness, dizziness, weakness and even low blood pressure.

Treatment of Chemical Burns:

For Minor Chemical Burns:

Minor chemical burns can be easily treated at home. First, move the victim away from the area or remove any contaminated clothing. Put the affected area under running water for 15-20 minutes to wash away the chemical substance. Cover the area with sterile bandage and keep washing the affected area several times. If the need arises you can consume pain killers but, it advisable to talk to your physician on this regard. If the affected area is the eye, splash water continuously or preferably get into the shower. Tetanus vaccination should not be ignored in chemical burns.

For Severe Chemical Burns:

Medical help should be sought in severe cases. When the victim show signs of dizziness, excessive pain, cough or shortness of breath; or when the affected area are the eyes, face or other sensitive areas; or when the burn pierce within layers of skin causing second degree burn; the victim should without delay be taken to the hospital. Further medical treatment should be started without any wait.

If chemical burns are caused by someone else’s negligence or by a defective product, the victim can seek justice and compensation following the advice of a trusted and expert attorney. At you will find expert attorneys for filing lawsuit for your chemical burn injury.