In a latest development in the field of medication lawsuit and drug litigation a lawsuit was settled even before the trial begins. The lawsuit was filed by the family of Mark Whitley who committed suicide after using the smoking cessation drug Chantix. The defendant in the case was named as inc. that has been manufacturing, branding and marketing the drug.

His family had earlier claimed that the victim had no signs of any kind of depression or any psychotic disorder however, after taking the drug Chantix he started taking strong and tough decisions that were not only against the victim but were not acceptable to the family members too. The victim committed suicide in the year 2007 and since then the family had been looking for the trial to start. This is not the only case that was brought up against the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer over the cessation drug Chantix but it was the first ever lawsuit that was set to go to the trial, but even before the trial could start the case was settled between the plaintiff and the defendant Pfizer outside the court.

Earlier the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer sought more time from the Court to study the flaws associated with the drug. The defendant wanted more time from the court by arguing that they need to analyze and examine the clinical studies of the drug and its potential risks to people. However, the Judge Inge Johnson denied the request of the defendant as most of the are scheduled.

What is Chantix:

Chantix is a prescription drug manufactured, branded and marketed by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to help them quit smoking. Chantix also known as Verenicline and it usually functions by blocking the pleasurable effect that people experience while smoking. Though the drug has been very effective in helping people quit smoking still there are plenty of side effects that the people experience while using this cessation drug.

Some of the side effects that the drug is associated with are:

  • Suicidal tendency
  • Mood Swings
  • Negative thoughts
  • Hallucination and confusion
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Numbness and weakness in the various parts of the body
  • Pain in the chest region and other parts of arms and shoulders
  • Problem in eyesight and vision
  • Short of breadth
  • Imbalance in speech

Meanwhile, viewing the growing number of Chantix litigations and Chantix side effects the federal agency FDA instructed the company to put a black box label on the packet to warn users of the potential risks associated with the drug.

The next trial for Chantix is scheduled to begin in January 2013 and victims and Chantix attorneys are eagerly looking forward to hear the courts verdict.