Baycol, a drug meant for lowering cholesterol was launched in 1997. However in a short span many patients who took the dug complained of rhabdomyolysis- which is a muscle degenerating disease. After a lot of speculation on August 8, 2001 asked the manufacturer for a worldwide recall of the drug.

Though the drug had been on in the market for only four years, it created a lot of havoc in such a short time span. Bayer is still fighting 11,000 lawsuits filed against . Due to this recall Bayer also had to see a lot of ups and downs in its shares and financial status. Though after the denial of class action lawsuits, due to the diverse nature of the cases,by Judge Michael Davis, Baycol’s shares rose up again, but the manufacturer is still struggling with the litigations filed.

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Verdicts and Settlements
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