Accidents are such unpredictable incidents that we don’t even know we are getting into one, until we actually get into one. Undoubtedly, there are many causes of car and motor vehicle accidents and most of the reasons for such accidents center on the driver involved. Car crashes and motor vehicle accidents can be avoided if you are alert and focused on your driving. An accident can leave behind a scar for life and change the course of his/her family members. It can not only turn out to be fatal but, may leave one traumatized for his /her entire life.

It is essential to know how and why car crashes and motor vehicle accidents take place. This will make you more attentive when you are driving and make you avoid a possible collision. And this is applicable to all drivers; old and new.

Causes of Car Crashes and Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • The first and foremost reason for car and motor vehicle crashes is driver distraction. You may be in conversation over the phone, talking to your co-passengers, gorging on food, trying to retrieve something from under the seat, trying to handle your crying child at the back seat etc. These are common distractions which may make you lose track or control over your driving. Hence, they should always be avoided while driving.
  • Car and motor vehicle accidents may occur due to reckless driving, speeding, drunken driving or driver fatigue. You may indulge yourself in reckless driving when you are impatient or restless. You may keep changing lanes unnecessarily, speed up or start tailgating another car if you are in a hurry to reach somewhere. This should be avoided. Start on time to reach your required destination instead of attempting to use your speeding skills for the same. Never drink and drive. You may be absolutely fine after few classes of drinks and may feel fit to drive, but you should never take a chance. If you are tired and feeling sleepy make sure you stop your car at a rest area and catch a nap. Drive only when you are physically and mentally stable.
  • Other causes of such accidents include bad weather conditions like dust storm, fog, rain, snow or wind. Under such circumstances always drive with extra caution. If necessary pull your car at the far side of the road and wait till the storm or the rain dies down. Never speed up your car in bad weather condition. You may pose a danger to others on the road as well.

out of Car Accidents:

One of the horrible outcomes of an atrocious car crash or motor vehicle accident is fire. Fires can cause havoc, leave one with burn injury and in most cases prove fatal. Collision of two cars can cause the fuel tank to rupture and cause an explosion. Fire may even result from defective wiring or from defective system with fluid leaks.  The fire may become uncontrollable, hence quick action is necessary.

Fire usually causes what is known as thermal burn injuries. Burns may result in first, second, third or fourth degree burns. Treatment varies from one to another depending on the receive.

Burn victims should keep a detailed record of the accidents. Photos of injuries and scars, details of hospital visits, police reports and doctor’s appointment should be kept. This will come as a helpful source of evidence if you are entitled to file for financial compensation to meet the cost of all your medical expenses.  

If you are involved in a car accident and injury where someone else’s is responsible you can log in to and seek the help of an expert lawyer to help you get justice and the necessary compensation. It is a comprehensive site that generates awareness for victims of many such injuries and accidents.