Cancer refers to a broad category of diseases caused by uncontrolled cellular growth in the body. Normally, the cellular growth is important for sustenance as our body needs to cover up for the damaged cells and for many life processes which are essential. Growth and addition of new cells under normal conditions is regulated by the genes. When a tissue or any organ system keeps on growing without any regulation, it creates body masses and ulceration. Most of the damage in cancer is caused by the large number of cells that keep on affecting the neighboring tissues and organs. Cancerous growths can also spread in the body through lymphatic system and blood streams, thereby causing serious health problems.

Cancer is notorious and for right reasons. It is one of the most fatal diseases and even the best treatment and cure is not without complications. Since the cell growth and the regulation are controlled by genes and not much is known about regulating them with any treatment methods or procedures, the hunt for proper treatment and cure has always been the primary concern of healthcare experts.

The most common types of cancer in the United States are Bladder Cancer, , , , , , Endometrial(Uterus Lining) Cancer, , , , , and .

Medical experts believe certain agents to be responsible for increasing the risk of cancer in humans, like changes, use , radiations, some pollutants, etc. However, the complete information on the subject is still missing.

Treatment of cancer involves any of the three popular methods – Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy or Surgical procedures. The treatment and cure depends a lot on the stage in which the cancerous mass is prevalent. If cancerous growth is detected late, it becomes very difficult to completely eradicate it. Early detection and starting treatment early helps a lot in fighting against it. There are also many available.