A new lawsuit filed in the Superior Court in Los Angeles, alleges the doctors and health care professionals of being negligent during birth of their new born baby. In the lawsuit that was filed by the birth injury attorney of a couple Roberto Miranda and Zenia Ramos documented that the negligence by healthcare professionals and doctors during the delivery of their new born caused many health injuries along with Brachial Plexus to the baby.

In the lawsuit filed by the plaintiff and their birth injury lawyer they have framed the charges of general negligence. They said in their legal proceedings that the force used during the course of delivery of the baby was inappropriate. The lawsuit also said that had the healthcare professionals and nurses performed cesarean section instead of using excessive force during the vaginal delivery the case would have been much different and their daughter would have not sustained such injuries. The assisting medical staff and healthcare professionals are accused of failing to keep the doctors informed about the event and due to which the force exerted was much higher than needed.

Brachial plexus is one of those important nerves that control movement of various baby organs including elbow, shoulder, and hand. If somehow these nerves get hurt or get damaged due to excessive use of force during delivery it may lead to serious bodily complication and even paralysis.

Viewing the permanent nature of the injury and its long term impact on the minor child the plaintiff seeks appropriate monetary compensation that the court deems suitable in such a case where the victim is a minor. Here it is important to outline that cases involve a lot of complexities and technicalities if the victim is a minor. In such cases victims should always be accompanied by a well-experienced birth injury attorney who could present the case in the court in a more convincing and appealing manner. There are many birth injury law firms and birth injury attorneys that offer free consultation to the people and victims so that the case can be analyzed without investing a single penny.