In a latest development a plaintiff from California has sued Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries over the widely known antibiotic drug Levaquin. The lawsuit that was filled in the United States District Court for the Central District of California states that Kristen Llorente, a resident of California experienced some irreversible and permanent side effects from the antibiotic drug and is entitled to receive punitive and monetary compensation. With this lawsuit the dust and heat of lawsuits against J&J doesn’t seem to come down anytime soon.

According to reports the lawsuit was filed on 25th of September 2012 claiming that the plaintiff has sustained various injures and side effects including rotator cuff tear and tendon rupture. Viewing the severity and seriousness of the physical and mental injuries that the plaintiff has sustained, her injury attorney has framed charges of unsafe drug, failure to warn, negligence, and presentation of misappropriation data against the manufacturer.

In her lawsuit the plaintiff has said that she was prescribed Levaquin by her doctor for treating some infection, and after having used the said drug she suffered these complications and side effects.

Levaquin is an antibiotic that is being prescribed across theUnited Statesfor the indication of bacterial infections like urinary tract infection, respiratory tract infection and skin infection. The drug comes in various formulations like injection, tablet and other liquid form and is being reported as a very powerful antibiotic. Levofloxacin and moxifloxacin are two of the commonly forms that it comes with and both of these drugs belong to the group fluoroquinolones that are often prescribed to treat respiratory and sinus infection. Earlier in 2010, regulatory body of Canada, “Health Canada” warned about the potentially dangerous side-effects of moxifloxacin that prompted manufacturers to change its labeling.

Meanwhile the plaintiff and her injury lawyer has claimed on their lawsuit that despite these associated side effects the manufacturer of the drug has marketed their drug as an effective and safe medication. However, they knew about the fact that the drug is potentially associated with the side effects like tendon tearing, rupturing of tendons and deterioration of tendons. And there is a clear cut prima facie evidence of breach of safety, negligence and concealing relevant information pertaining to the drug.

This is not the only lawsuit that accuses Levaquin of potential side effects and threats there were many lawsuits filed in the various courts of United States accusing the manufacturer of the drug of marketing and selling Levaquin aggressively. These lawsuits also claimed that the manufacturer has misled potential users about the product and has failed to protect users from serious dangers.