In a new medication lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court of California, the parents of a new born baby accuse the medical care unit for being negligent. According to the federal lawsuit filed by the plaintiff their new born baby suffered physical disability and seizures due to brain damage allegedly caused by the negligence. Viewing the severity of the damage and on the ground of minor plaintiff the birth-injury lawyer of the litigator seeks for a monetary compensation of $50 million.

The plaintiff Stefanie Davis mother of the child reported in her lawsuit that after frequent contractions she was admitted to Weed Army Community Hospital, where the child was born. However, during the course of delivery it was determined that due to the abnormal position of the baby, normal delivery was not possible and as such the attending physician decided to perform a C-section. During the procedure, the doctor also used vacuum extraction for the delivery of the baby.

After the immediate birth of the newborn it was found that the places where the vacuum extractor had been applied there were many swellings, lacerations, bruising and cephalohematoma (collection of blood under the periosteum of a skull bone). According to the attending neo-natologist the newborn was diagnosed with cephalohematoma and hemorrhage, due to which the baby suffered rapid breathing and increased heart beat rate.

Latest medical reports have now confirmed that the newborn is suffering from seizures and has been having difficulties in speaking, swallowing and walking. The plaintiff argued that, had the doctor performed C-section in a timely manner and had not used vacuum extraction the scenario would have been much different.

There are many parents in the United States who don’t know what to do when their new born suffer a birth injury or the concerned medical professionals show negligence during the delivery. In such circumstances victims and parents could go for filing a lawsuit that will help them get compensated for the injuries to the new born. In such cases the victims are always in an advantageous position because here the actual plaintiff (i.e. the new born) is a minor plaintiff and the has every provision to save such minor strata of the society.

However, plaintiff can ensure a win in such case when they have kept all the relevant documents invoices and other papers safe. Besides, these they should also seek help from an experienced birth-injury attorney who is experienced in handling birth injury lawsuits. Viewing the fact that health professionals and drug manufacturers are backed and lobbied by various stakeholders it is important to put victim’s stand in a much more convincing and appealing manner which is possible only when you are supported by a law firm that is experienced in birth injury related litigation so that you always remain on the safer side.