are common occurrences, which may take place anywhere, anytime and without your knowledge. They are mostly categorized into degrees, which identifies the severity of the injury to the victim. Burns mostly cause injury to the skin but, in severe cases it may as well affect the muscle, blood vessels or the bones.  Thus, the degrees of burns have been assigned according to the depth and intensity of the injury. depends on the degree, the depth and the type of the burn.

There are mainly four degrees of burns that has been classified according to the depth involved. They run as follows:

First Degree Burn or Superficial Burn:

The first degree burn is limited to the epidermis; the top layer of the skin. It causes mild soreness and negligible swelling. First Degree Burn can be easily treated at home and the injury takes 5-7 days to heal. Sunburn is a common type of first degree burn.

Second Degree Burn – Partial Thickness or Dermal Injury:

This type of burn affects the epidermis and superficial layer of the dermis. The skin becomes red with blisters. This type of burns can also be treated at home. The injury usually takes 1-3 weeks to heal.

Second Degree Burn – Deep Partial Thickness:

This type of burn goes deep into the dermis. The skin appears white and is poorly blistered.  In this case patient might require skin grafting. This type of injury takes 3-4 weeks to heal.

Third Degree Burn or Full Thickness:

The third degree burn affects not only the top two layers of the skin but, extends deep down to the subcutaneous tissues too. The skin appears stiff, black or white. Patients with third degree burns will need hospitalization. In many cases the person may go into a shock. Treatment in third degree burns is surgically done. The dead tissue is surgically removed. Skin grafting is done to replace the injured skin with healthy skin. You may be permanently scarred in a third degree burn.

Fourth Degree Burn:

The layers involved in a fourth degree burn, are the epidermis, subcutaneous tissues and the muscles and bones lying underneath. Fourth degree burns are life threatening.

Many people get into a state of shock after suffering burn injuries. In most cases therapy, rehabilitation or additional surgery may be required. Burn injury is perhaps, the most distressing type of injury. The person goes through a lot of trauma, mental as well as physical misery.

A situation may arise where the victim might want to file a compensation claim to the insurance company to cover the medical expenses.  In such a situation only an expert attorney can give the desired result.

Unsafedrugs gives you a comprehensive idea of how a lawsuit is handled in accidents such as burn injury. While the victim has every right to claim compensation; he must also bear in mind that the amount to be refunded is based solely on the intensity of the injury caused. Filing a claim in matters such as burn injuries is a delicate matter. Hence, only an expertise in the field should be consulted.