can crop up in the epithelial lining in the bladder and mostly originate in urothelium. This kind of cancer can grow and spread into the bladder due to an abnormal growth. This type of cancer has more than one state in which it develops and occurs in the tissues of bladder.

The accurate reason of bladder cancer is not entirely understood by doctors till date. The develops due to cell mutations in DNA.

There are various causes which can lead to developing bladder cancer and some of them are:

  • Age:

    Age is one of the causes of cancer. It has been seen that women who have been diagnosed with bladder cancer are usually above 60 years. As with growing age, the risk of diagnosing with Cancer increases.

  • Chemical exposure at work:

    People working in factories like rubber, plastics, paints have high exposure of developing bladder cancer. So, get yourself checked with doctor.

  • Background:

    The patient’s who have been treated with before have high risk of developing bladder cancer and the main reason for this could be chemotherapy drugs.

  • Smoking:

    Smoking is considered bad for the health and when a person smokes more than usual. It increases the chance of developing bladder cancer as smoking makes the immune system weak.

  • Infection:

    Infection can be one of the causes of developing higher risk of bladder cancer and especially the ones who are paralyzed have higher rate of getting infected.

The following are the most ordinary symptoms of bladder cancer. However, each patient can acknowledge symptoms in a different way as symptoms differ depending upon the magnitude and position of the cancer. Some of the identical symptoms can also be caused due to other reasons and not due to cancer and hence it is significant for a person with symptoms like these to see a physician to find out the cause.

  • Blood in urine: Although it is a common symptom but it is not painful. The color of urine can change to red or brown and when the blood is easily visible with naked eye, it is known as visible haematuria. But if it is detected with urine test, it is known as microscopic haematuria.
  • Pain: Pain experienced in lower back or stomach is less common. Although, this can only be an infection but one still needs to get it checked with the doctor.