Although walking is logically the most effective way to develop a healthy form of living, one must believe it to be a coherent part of their lifestyle to actually enjoy the benefits of it. Apart from the explanations to why we must walk, we must also look at how we can benefit from the art of walking. A regular morning and evening walk of thirty to sixty minutes brings in a period of freshness and relaxation, be it in the early morning where walking provides the perfect amount of freshness to have a start to the long day ahead. While in the evening, a walk offers to be the best -buster to wind up a stressful day.

It has been scientifically postulated that people who pursue walking live longer than those who do not walk. The reason is seemingly obvious: The heart functions better, immunity increases when we breathe in and out extensively, and muscles get worked out and the most obvious one would be – we burn body fat when we walk. So when the overall system of the body rejuvenates, we find a subsequent alteration in our health, thoughts and spirit. It also improves memory power and enhances positive outlook of one’s mind.

Dr. Hill from the Colorado Research Center in his research proposes that if a person walks about 2000 steps every day, in conjugation with his regular activities, then he will never add another pound to his weight all throughout his life. And if one wishes to shed off some kilos, then one can do so by adding few more steps to the daily routine. It is actually simple and requires a lot of determination and a constant effort to keep going, and with every extra step, we build up confidence and stamina.

Apart from building stamina and losing weight, walking is known to have other health benefits such as it reduces risk of being affected by by half considering the increased incidences of cancer. Also, for those who are suffering from cancer, walking provides hope to get cured faster and effectively. It also reduces risk of heart diseases and . One must adopt walking as an activity in their daily lives, by using stairs instead of escalators or elevators, by walking to nearby places instead of using an automobile.

Research has proved that walking brings significant health benefits to mind, body and soul. The important benefits of walking can be summed up as listed below:-

Strengthens heart

Strengthens muscles

Maintains blood pressure

Improves blood circulation

Helps maintain body weight

Reduces stress and tension

Helps improve endurance

Prevents major illnesses

Reduces risk of Stroke

Reduces risk of


Strengthens joints and bones

Improves flexibility

Energizes body and mind

Improves longevity

Using bicycles () can also be an alternative that can help improve over all fitness and protect both the body and the society from pollution.