Heparin is a blood-thinning drug, mainly produced by Baxter Healthcare. In 2008, contamination in this drug was found. It was found that at china plant of the company, the drug was contaminated with over-sulfated chondroitin sulfate. This contamination resulted in severe side effects such as vomiting, abdominal infections, breathing problems and even death in some patients. Some patients suffered from bleeding episodes. After that many lawsuits were filed against Baxter heparin.

It was found out that Baxter got this contaminated lot of drug from a Chinese facility. FDA did not inspect this Chinese plant. Baxter is charged with negligence during manufacturing the drug. The pharmaceutical company is also being blamed for late recall of the drug. This delay has caused damage to many more patients.

Claims are made in the lawsuit that this contamination was not an error, but intentionally done for money motive.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Baxter Healthcare Corp. The lawsuit claims that company substituted ingredients in its blood-thinning drug Heparin with a dangerous ingredient knowingly. It claims that the substitution was intentionally done with a cheap component to generate larger profits, even after knowing the dangerous side effects of the substitute over-sulfated chondroitin sulfate, company did so.

This lawsuit was filed by Joyce Ann Osteen in St. Clair County, Illinois. It alleges Baxter of intentionally adding contaminant, over-sulfated chondroitin sulfate, or OSCS. This contaminated lot was produced in its China plant. It was supplied to United States causing severe damage to many patients using heparin. Many people suffered fatal reactions and many died. Later batches of heparin manufactured at Baxter’s China facility were recalled. But the company recalled the drug two weeks after FDA declaring it being contaminated. This lawsuit blames the Baxter Healthcare Corp. for playing with many lives.

Other charge is profit motive behind this contamination. Over-sulfated chondroitin sulfate or OSCS costs only $9, where as heparin costs $900. The suit claims, “The recalled heparin was defective, adulterated, misbranded,  unreasonably dangerous and unfit for intended use.” It also blames Baxter of risking tens of thousands of patients, including the plaintiff of serious injury and/or death.

The suit argues that due to the contaminated heparin the plaintiff Joyce Osteen and the other class members suffered severe reactions, health problems and damages. All this is fault of Baxter Healthcare Corp. The suit seeks for damages and compensation for pain and suffering due to this dangerous drug. The plaintiff Joyce Ann Osteen in this lawsuit against Baxter Heparin has asked the court to certify the complaint as class action, which was granted. She is also asking for damages of less than $74,999 per class member of this class action lawsuit.

This lawsuit has become class action, so each member of this class action suit will get similar damages and compensation. Class action lawsuits reap benefit of expertise of many lawyers. It will save cost, time and hassles to plaintiffs.