is a deadly disease caused by abnormal cell growth and affects the organ in which it is taking place. It may spread to other parts of body as well. There are many conventional treatment methods to cure cancer and preventing its further growth like surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Many patients suffering from cancer go for alternative treatment methods instead of the conventional ones when the latter does not work.

There are many alternative treatment methods to treat cancer, but most of them are unproved and are not backed with scientific evidences. Hence it may be risky to choose any of them without having proper information about them. There are complementary treatment methods too, which go hand in hand with the conventional treatment to help a patient combat with signs and symptoms of cancer. They help in controlling anxiety, fatigue, sleep problems, stress and other related symptoms.

Before Choosing an Alternative Treatment for Cancer

Alternative treatment methods should be used to cope with the stress and other signs of cancer. There are many points, which should be considered before choosing an alternative treatment.

  • Patient should consult their doctor before going for any alternative treatment method. They should be sure that it is not going to interfere with already going on conventional treatment.
  • They should gather authentic information about the alternative treatment methods that they are considering.
  • They should make sure their doctor and the alternative care practitioner work hand in hand.
  • They should keep in mind that there is limited scientific evidence supporting most of the alternative treatment methods and thus should be very careful while choosing one.
  • Patients should evaluate the benefits and risks of the alternative treatment method they are considering. It is wise to choose the method, which has more benefits compared to risks.
  • Patients should collect information about all the potential side¬†effects of the alternative treatment method they are going to choose.
  • Patients should avoid any medicine or other health product or therapy, which are not backed with scientific evidences and are not proven safe.
  • It is advisable to patients to tell their doctor about any complementary or alternative treatment practices they are using so that they can suggest them if it is safe to use if they at all will interfere with conventional treatment.

Different Alternative Treatment Methods for Cancer

There are numerous alternative treatment methods for treating cancer. Many of them are not proven to be safe or have scientific evidences to prove that they can cure cancer. But some of alternative methods may help to manage if used along with conventional treatment. Some of them are listed below-