Advair Lawsuits and legal help for people suffering from Advair Side Effects

Advair, a well known asthma relief drug from GSK, is classified as one of the LABA (long-acting beta 2-adrenergic agonists) class of drugs. Its core medical use is to relieve symptoms of asthma and COPD among patients. Approved in the year 2000, the drug has been prescribed to patients of all age groups. Since the Advair’s inception there have been numerous incidences of severe complications linked with it. After hearing about a lot of cases the law institutions finally came forward to help all the injured victims get justice.

Reports of more than 4000 deaths linked as a result of side effects of Advair were enough to shock everyone and to help in bringing to the notice of public the risks of taking the drug. One headline in major daily read, “Advair may add to the chances of severe asthma episodes and death when such episodes are experienced.” This was in November 2005, after which a warning by FDA was issued to carry a research and to unveil the truth.

FDA also asked GSK to add a new warning to the label, updating patients about possible side effects associated with Advair.

Advair for the manufacturers has been one of the most successful products that managed to bag a whopping $7.76 billion sale in the year 2009. There had been constant pressure from other competitive drugs created for same purposes, but Advair managed to surpass them all, only until some real facts and side effects came into public notice.

“Advair may increase the risk of severe asthma episodes and hospitalization among kids who take this drug.” The report was released by FDA, following which a warning was issued to educate public about the risks and side effects of this asthma drug. Further a blackbox warning was also issued; suggesting patients who use Advair to follow specific recommendations in order to reduce the incidence of possible side effects.

Some recent studies have revealed that patients using Advair are at 3.5 times higher risk of experiencing fatalities compared to other placebos. Also, as per a report it was stated that around 4000 to 5000 deaths in U.S., every year are actually linked with Advair intake and this drug should be immediately pulled from the market to prevent more patients from becoming the victims.

A study was conducted in 2006 to measure effects of Advair in comparison to placebos. This occurred over a 28 week period and of the 13179 people under study, 13 were found to suffer from asthma attacks that were fatal. Following this, FDA was forced to order GSK to include a blackbox warning on the labels informing patients about the risks associated with the intake of this medication.

As per a study conducted in July 2005, which was carried by 13 renowned experts to measure the safety of such treatment, a unanimous vote saying that such drugs should continue to get sold was revealed. The experts said that the benefits such drug carried outweighed the risks associated with its intake.

As per a report published on June 6, 2006 patients on Advair were more likely to get hospitalized as compared to those who administered other placebos. The risk percentage was twice than the usual and the reports were revealed after assessing 19 studies done on similar lines.

GlaxoSmithKline after this episode has issued an updated label carrying warnings about the potential side effects of this drug. But, for people who have already suffered the damage, lawsuits have helped in getting them compensation.