Lawsuits filed against GSK, manufacturer of Advair

Some asthma symptoms relieving drugs have been known for aggravating asthma attacks and even resdeaths. One such drug is Advair from GSK. Among different age groups, children are more prone to experience side effects of Advair. This drug was approved to be used by patients above 12 years of age for preventing the symptoms of asthma. The number of asthma attacks may have been reduced, but severity of such asthma episodes have increased. Many deaths and hospitalization due to Advair use have been quite known in recent times.

As per a post published on 6th of June 2006, it came to the notice of many that patients taking asthma drugs were at an increased risk of death when compared to those who were not. When compared with other placebos, this long affecting drug was more severe in inducing complications that lead to frequent hospitalization among patients, especially children. The post even stated that not everyone, but few people who were genetically predisposed, suffered severely when compared to others.

Another report by Reuters published on 15th May 2006, stated that after FDA’s repeated warning, label for three popular asthma drugs was updated and Advair was one among them. The reason behind this study was the increased chances of asthma deaths linked with Advair intake.

Again in Fox News in March 2006 the same reports appeared. Following which GSK, agreed for a new blackbox warning for its two drugs namely, Serevent and Advair. This is the strongest warning which any drug label can carry.

Back on August 19th 2004, FDA issued orders to GSK to add a new warning to their drug, Advair, informing public about the small risk that this carried linked with fatality.

Following such repeated news and reports, public was provoked to file lawsuits alleging the manufacturers about the failure to warn the masses about the potential effects this drug carried. Lawsuits for asthma drugs are since then being investigated to help victims entitled for compensation get the same rightly.

Problems in asthma drugs, specifically Advair are linked with the active ingredients this drug contains. Salmetrol in the drug can increase the incidence of death by four times among the patients. Also, a steroid is also contained in the drug which has its own side effects.

Following the impact of many lawsuits and petitions filed against GSK, a strong warning was issued indicating its risk of causing asthma deaths. Again in 2007, the advisory panel at FDA recommended that a new label containing separate warnings about Advair’s effect in children and also about the increased incidence of requiring hospitalization should be issued.

Product liability attorneys, after witnessing widespread impact, got active and a special panel started reviewing the potential effects of such asthma drugs. Most of these experts said that the risks in such drugs clearly outweigh the benefits. Also, GSK failed to include appropriate warnings alerting patients and physicians about the risk of death and serious injuries that could result from the use of Advair.

Any person who has suffered such injury is liable to request a consultation and claim a compensation without paying any fee. Lawyers who are specialist in this aspect review the circumstances and help such injured victims in getting the justice they deserve.